alameda naval air museum

Located at 2151 Ferry Point, Alameda, CA 94501, the Alameda Naval Air Museum is dedicated to meticulously chronicling the history of the United States Navy and it’s air forces. One of the best things about this museum is that it’s not very far from the USS Hornet Museum. Having both museums located in the city of Alameda means that you could plan an entire day of sightseeing and tours related to naval history. For history buffs, Navy nerds, and WWII enthusiasts, this is practically a dream come true. Let’s take a look at what makes the Alameda Naval Air Museum so great, what other people have to say about it, and the history of the museum.

The Alameda Naval Air Museum wasn’t always a museum. In fact, it had actually been a fully functioning base. Known as the Alameda Naval Air Station, it was commissioned in 1940 and was a fully staffed station that could repair aircraft and produce the necessary replacement parts on a daily basis, with one, to one and a half fighter planes processed on a daily basis. This was of critical importance to the war effort, as the ability to overwhelm the enemy with aircraft contributed to the Allied victory. Many aircraft carriers called Alameda Naval Air Station their home, including USS Ranger and USS Midway. Alameda was also very important to the Navy during the Cold War, seeing carriers like USS Enterprise and USS Carl Vinson being stationed there and receiving repairs and retrofits. In its heyday, the station employed thousands of Alameda residents to work there in a variety of fields and jobs.

The Alameda Naval Air Station was closed in 1997 as a part of the re-organization efforts of the US Military at the time. The majority of the base remains closed and has been un-utilized. The Navy donated the USS Hornet to the base after it’s closure in 1997 to be used as a museum and memorial ship, which is stationed very close to the Alameda Naval Air Museum. The Museum was founded and operates via a grant from the City of Alameda as both a tourist attraction and a cultural landmark for the city.

When you visit the Alameda Naval Air Museum, you can take a trip back in time to see what the City of Alameda looked like during its World War II glory days. The museum has tons and tons of vintage photos of the station, the city, and the many airplanes and ships that the base worked on and housed. They also have a ton of model planes, weapons, and artifacts on display that pertain to both Alameda’s history and to World War II overall.

If you plan on visiting the next time you find yourself in Alameda, CA, be sure to always check their website. They are open on weekends only from 10 AM to 4 PM, and usually charge a $7 dollar admission fee. They’re also wheelchair accessible, which is very considerate. They don’t offer a guided tour, and the museum won’t be very interesting to those who require state of the art amusement; but for history lovers, it’s worth every penny.

Getting to Silva & Associates from Alameda Naval Air Museum

via Willie Stargell Ave

  • Take W Seaplane Lagoon Ave and W Trident Ave to Main St
  • Take Willie Stargell Ave to Mariner Square Loop
  • Turn left onto Mariner Square Loop
  • Turn right onto Marina Village Pkwy
  • Drive to your destination