Jean Sweeney Open Space Park

Parks are in ever increasingly short supply in America. It’s after school and you need somewhere to take your kids to play, but your options are limited. It’s after work and you want to go somewhere to play, but still, your options are limited. Where can a person go to just see colorful slides and play equipment? Worry not, Jean Sweeney Open Space Park in Alameda CA is just the place you’re looking for.

Located at Atlantic Ave, Alameda, CA 94501, Jean Sweeney Open Space Park only opened up in the last few years, but advocacy for the park goes back many years before that in Alameda CA. Like many communities in the nation, the locals of Alameda CA were massively underserved by the city’s lack of parks. Excising the body’s natural need for playing and sitting at a picnic table was almost impossible to do in the area. Jean Sweeney saw this shortcoming and sought to change that by advocating for this park, which was later named after her.

But before we dig into the dirty details of Alameda’s most fun park, we have to find out what local Californians think of the place. From what we can tell, most accounts assert that Jean Sweeney Open Space Park is resounding fun and accessible. One account details how the parking was readily available and met the needs of the park’s traffic. This individual also recounts the quality of the play equipment, describing large slides that were big enough you could go up to them from either side. What’s more, the top of the slide features climbing equipment, as well as a beach-themed sandbox with a waterfall. While there may still be room for debate, presently, the park seems unquestionably fun.

A short walking trail is another one of the park’s features, and while it’s only roughly a half-mile long, it does provide some value. There are segregated pathways for cyclist and pedestrians, which is safe besides being fairly convenient. The path takes you from one entrance to the opposite one near Atlantic Avenue, which is enough of a walk to burn a few calories from the doughnut you had this morning.

Besides these features, the rest of the 25-acre park is host to some standard facilities, such as restrooms, a barbecue pit, picnic areas, and a scenic array of low-maintenance plants. Many accounts state that the park is clean, especially in troublesome areas like the bathrooms. With clean parks being more of a rarity than normal parks already are, it’s feasible to assume some might be comfortable enough to live here.

Overall, we can conclude that the Jean Sweeney Open Space Park is a considerate and well put together establishment. From what we can gather by multiple accounts, this park is certainly fun, as well as safe. By these criteria, it might be enough to say that the park is worthy of your time, even if you consider yourself a sophisticated connoisseur of park culture. If you live near the Alameda area, it’s a place worth considering a trip to.

Getting to Silva & Associates from Jean Sweeney Open Space Park

via Atlantic Ave and Marina Village Pkwy

  • Head northeast toward Atlantic Ave
  • Turn left onto Atlantic Ave
  • Turn right onto Challenger Dr
  • Turn right onto Marina Village Pkwy
  • Turn left
  • Turn right
  • Sharp left