St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a graceful, historical church in the heart of Walnut Creek, California. Located at 1924 Trinity Avenue, this historic parish was first built in 1889 and is the oldest church in the area, still amazingly serving Episcopal Californians to this day. With it’s major religious and cultural heritage to the area, and its long history of service to Walnut Creek, let’s take a look at just what makes St. Paul’s Church so fascinating to visit.

Back in the old days before modern travel, Episcopalians living in Walnut creek had to make long and difficult treks to nearby Martinez California to get to church. The community deeply need a closer church where they could have Sunday school for children and assorted other church-related activities. Soon, five families associated with the Martinez practice came together for this mutual need and worked out an agreement for how they could establish a church in Walnut Creek.

Maria O’Neil and Isabella Harrison would be sent to go speak with Dr. James Abercrombie, the Missionary-in-Charge of Grace Church Martinez, to convince him of the cause in Walnut Creek. Dr. Abercrombie was already quite old, in his seventies at that time, and had been working for years in the service of Episcopalian parishes. This didn’t stop him, however, and Dr. Abercrombie conducted the first Episcopalian service in the Walnut Creek area.

Reverend Hamilton Lee was put in charge of the organizing required for the construction of the church in Walnut Creek. A deed for land on School Street was acquired and construction soon began. Cornelius Waite and his colleagues were brought on to do most of the construction work after a long period was spent collecting funds for the project.

The building remained a mission church for generations in little Walnut Creek, until just before World War II. Then, Reverend James P. Trotter from New York, would go to St. Paul’s and help it attain parish status. Reverend Trotter would later become the first rector of St. Paul’s and served there for almost a decade.

Today, membership at St. Paul’s has massively expanded compared to its modest community held in 1889. To this day, the parish still serves its community in Walnut Creek, and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon for this piece of California history.

St. Paul’s Church is open for worship at various times in the week, with Sunday service starting at 7:30 AM through 10:30 AM. Their office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. They also allow non-church members to hold weddings, baptisms, and funerals in the chapel. The chapel makes a great setting for a wedding. You can call their office during the hours above to get more information or plan a wedding. The church also holds Christian education seminars discussing the history of the faith and how the major figures shaped the beliefs of congregants today. If you find yourself interested in learning more, always check their website for when these seminars are held.

Getting to Silva & Associates from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Walnut Creek

via CA-24 W

  • Get on CA-24 W from Oakland Blvd
  • Head west on Trinity Ave toward Oakland Blvd
  • Turn left onto Oakland Blvd
  • Turn right onto Mt Diablo Blvd
  • Use the right 2 lanes to take the ramp onto CA-24 W
  • Follow CA-24 W to Brush St in Oakland. Take exit 1C from I980 W
  • Merge onto CA-24 W
  • Keep left at the fork to stay on CA-24 W
  • Continue onto I-980 W
  • Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 1C for 12th St
  • Continue on Brush St to your destination in Alameda
  • Merge onto Brush St
  • Continue straight to stay on Brush St
  • Turn left onto 7th St
  • Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Webster St
  • Slight right to stay on Webster St
  • Continue onto Webster Street Tube
  • Use the left lane to turn slightly left onto Constitution Way (signs for Marina Village Pkwy)
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Marina  Village Pkwy
  • Turn left
  • Turn right
  • Sharp left