9.0Robyn S Ginney

Clients often ask if we can handle difficult ex-spouses – those who are narcissists, have personality disorders, or are just plain bullies.

Robyn is deeply passionate about protecting the bullied, the harassed, the threatened. She has successfully resolved over 500 custody issues and financial disputes held hostage by a bullying ex-spouse. With more than 15 years of litigation experience, Robyn is a savvy and successful trial attorney specializing in exactly these types of complex, high-conflict divorces – cases where it seems progress and resolution are impossible.

But it’s her prior experience as a crisis counselor that really gives her an extra edge in these types of cases: she has a background in psychology, crisis counseling, and special education that gives her a unique perspective and insight into her clients’ fears and enables her to offer a blend of legal and psychological expertise to successfully resolve the toughest cases. And she has built a trusted network of financial advisors, realtors, and therapists to further help our clients navigate the complex challenges that can arise when dealing with difficult ex-spouses.

In those rare times when she’s not advocating on behalf of our clients, Robyn loves good books, travel, and teaching. She has taught in the Stanford Law School Trial Advocacy Workshop since 2015 and regularly judges high school mock trial tournaments in Northern California.

Degree: Santa Clara University School of Law, J.D. 2003