If you are working with a mediator to resolve your case, we can provide the support and knowledge to help you make the right decisions. We can review any documents and explain your rights and obligations before you sign. Mediation can be a less expensive alternative when it works, but when you have spent over 9 months in mediation and still have no resolution, it may be time to consider a different approach. We can provide the benefit of our knowledge and experience to determine whether you would be better off continuing in mediation, or if it is time to go to court.


How to Prepare for Your First Meeting

Generally speaking, if you have any papers that have been filed with the court or prepare for mediation, bring those with you. We will need different information for different cases. Below is a simple outline for what you should bring to make the first meeting as productive as possible.

  • Make a list of specific a list of any specific concerns you have so we can address them.
  • Bring a copy of any agreements you and your spouse have made, either before or during mediation.
  • Bring a list or documents for any assets of concern to you or your spouse.
  • An idea of your income and your spouse‚Äôs income.