Common Myths about Divorce

Don’t Be Fooled: Answering Common Myths About Divorce

The choice to divorce from one’s spouse is a weighty decision. It should not be made hastily, nor without good counsel that it truly is the only real solution to the problems that have developed in the marriage. Unfortunately, not all counsel can be called “good counsel.” There are many common myths that can shape […]

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Keeping Family Law Matters Private

How Can I Protect My Personal Privacy in a Divorce?

The right to personal privacy is of high value in any free society. We want to live our lives without intrusion and to make our decisions without interference. Although it is not explicitly expressed in the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court has routinely held that this right is implicit within the Bill of Rights, and […]

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Social Media & Divorce

Social Media and Divorce: the Use and Potential Consequences

Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. Twitter. These manufactured words have not only found their place in our everyday vocabulary, what they represent has completely transformed the social fabric of modern society. For all the good that these social media platforms bring to us, they are also a dangerous minefield that must be navigated carefully. This is especially […]

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Can My Spouse Take Everything In A Divorce

Can My Spouse Take Everything in Our Divorce?

Legally, the answer is a resounding “NO!” Although divorce laws vary from state to state, there is not one state in the Union that permits one of the spouses to walk away with absolutely everything leaving the other spouse with absolutely nothing. If you feel that you or someone you know is being financially mistreated […]

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Debts Split in a Divorce in California

How Are Debts Split in a Divorce in California?

Financial pressures often play a significant role in the breakdown of a marriage, but when a couple chooses to divorce those pressures do not simply disappear.  While family law in the State of California provides a fairly straight pathway for property division (including both assets and debts), walking that pathway is not always quite that […]

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Is Mental Abuse Grounds For Divorce?

Though more difficult to identify than other forms of intimate partner violence (IPV) such as physical abuse, dealing with divorce and emotional abuse is just as challenging and painful.  Emotional or mental abuse is a tactic used by abusers in order to control and manipulate their partner. It often leads to the victim feeling hopeless, […]

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Only One Person Wants a Divorce Image of Lock With Wedding Rings On It

What Happens When Only One Person Wants a Divorce?

Going through a divorce can be a difficult process, even when both spouses are on board, but what happens when one spouse doesn’t want a divorce?  This is how some people process their separation, by refusing to participate in the divorce proceedings. Though it can make the divorce case more difficult, there are still ways […]

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Complex Divorces Art Work

Complex Divorces – What You Should Know

No divorce is simple, but especially complex divorces require top-notch divorce lawyers and planning. Especially when dealing with various types of assets, high income individuals, or particularly hostile interpersonal conflict, the complexity of a divorce case can grow very quickly.  On top of things like child support, custody, and alimony, which are difficult in any […]

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Retirement and Divorce in California

Your Retirement and Divorce in California

If you’re a tech entrepreneur, celebrity, or other high-net-worth individual you’ve most likely built a substantial retirement plan over the years. In fact, this could be one of the biggest groups of assets that you and your spouse share. For high-net-worth couples divorcing in California, it’s vital to understand how the law will determine the […]

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