Complex Litigation

Complex Divorce Law

When it comes to divorce law, a case can be considered a complex case for a number of reasons. Financial issues, multi-state issues, personal complications can all create an instance of complex litigation, more specifically, some complex divorce cases include: Complicated marital property Child custody issues and adoptions Debt Trusts Pensions, retirement plans, QDROs Blended […]

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high net worth divorce

Things to Consider with High Net-Worth Divorce

If you are going through a high net-worth divorce and you’re not exactly sure what to expect, take some time to learn about some things that you should consider about the proceeding and what you can do to make your situation easier. Let’s take a look at what you should be expecting. What to Expect […]

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How to Deal with Divorce

Divorce can certainly turn your existing world upside down. Not only are you dealing with the legal and financial aspects of the divorce process, but you’re also attempting to come to terms with the realization that your marriage is over and your life is undoubtedly going to change as a result. It can be easy […]

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Steps to Getting a Divorce in California

If you are thinking about getting a divorce in California, there is a lot to consider. From finances and property to children and the emotional stress of a separation, the entire process can get overwhelming fast. Every divorce is unique, but there are essentially three stages to a divorce and certain steps…

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Private Judge Divorce

Kanye and Kim could claim residency in California, so if they did proceed to divorce, what would likely happen? And what would we ever know? It appears that Kim and Kanye also have a prenuptial agreement, though we may never know for…

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