No divorce is simple, but especially complex divorces require top-notch divorce lawyers and planning. Especially when dealing with various types of assets, high income individuals, or particularly hostile interpersonal conflict, the complexity of a divorce case can grow very quickly. 

On top of things like child support, custody, and alimony, which are difficult in any divorce, complex divorces generally have to determine a fair distribution of assets of very different types. Below we’ll discuss what is involved in a complex divorce and how Silva & Associates can help you through the process. 


Property Division in Complex Divorces

In any divorce proceeding the goal is to divide marital assets fairly, but some couples have assets that are easier to divide and account for than others. Complex divorces often deal with assets such as: 

  • Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Stock Options
  • Pensions
  • Inheritance
  • Family Businesses
  • Hidden Assets

With so many different types of assets in play, you will generally need a team of professionals to come in and assess the values of each. This is especially complicated when the appraisals have to consider things like taxes, and projected future value of assets. 

This means that in order for your divorce attorney to be effective, they need to have a good understanding of the complex legal and financial nuances involved in your case, and also have access to a network of expert professionals who can gain a thorough understanding of your financial situation. 

In fact, many complex divorces ultimately come down to a battle between these experts, so it’s important that you work with a lawyer with access to a top notch team. 


Complex Interpersonal Issues

Though convoluted financial holdings are a common aspect of complex divorces, divorces can also become complex because of personal factors between spouses. 

One common area for extreme levels of conflict is when it comes to children. For example, special issues can arise when spouses bring children from previous partners into their new marriages, as having step-children makes child custody and child support payments more difficult to determine. 

When the divorce process is accompanied by large amounts of vitriolic conflict this can also make them much more complex. These divorces can even include things like mental health considerations, and restraining orders. 

These issues require lawyers that have experience with mediation and conflict, as well as a capacity and dedication to fighting for your interests forcefully. 


Working With Silva & Associates

At Silva & Associates, we have decades of experience dealing with a wide variety of complex divorce cases. We are very familiar with the kinds of legal and financial details that are necessary to ensure that you receive fair treatment from the courts and an equitable distribution of marital assets. 

Every member of our team is dedicated to creating a safe environment for our clients and being sensitive to their needs, and we combine this with effective and aggressive litigation skills. 

For more information about how Silva & Associates can help you in your complex divorce, call us today at (510) 865-7350, or fill out this form so that a member of our team can contact you.