When it comes to divorce law, a case can be considered a complex case for a number of reasons. Financial issues, multi-state issues, personal complications can all create an instance of complex litigation, more specifically, some complex divorce cases include:

  • Complicated marital property
  • Child custody issues and adoptions
  • Debt
  • Trusts
  • Pensions, retirement plans, QDROs
  • Blended families and step-kids
  • Prior marriages
  • Complex title situations
  • Family businesses
  • High net worth and more

Unfortunately, in these types of divorce cases, the situation can be long and drawn out. Without professional help, divorce proceedings can be even more difficult. 

A divorce proceeding can involve a number of areas including child custody (as we’ve mentioned), child or spousal support, and even restraining orders in some cases. This doesn’t even take into consideration things like high-value assets, real estate, trusts, complex business disputes, stock options, restricted stock units (RSUs) and more. The personal and financial aspects of a divorce can be difficult things to deal with.

The situation can get even more tricky when other personal factors are at play when it comes to children. For instance in circumstances of blended families with step-children from previous marriages or relationships, the situation can get more complex. In some situations, in California,  Minor’s Counsel is required to provide a neutral voice with the child’s best interests in mind.

Obviously, this can all get a bit messy as it can all become very personal. That said, seeking out a professional you can confide in and trust to help guide you through these things can make a huge difference.  

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